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To All Interested Parties: Replacement Pages for the 2009 Supplement to the 2007 Florida Building Code will be available for purchase November 2, 2009 through the International Code Council (ICC).  To order the replacement pages you may access the ICC website by clicking this link:  http://www.iccsafe.org/STORE. Should you be unable to order using this link, you may contact the ICC directly at:  (800) 786.4452 or online at www.iccsafe.org. For further information regarding this email, please contact Ms. Marlita Peters, DCA, Codes and Standards, (850)922-6864.
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Lee Picker & Associates has decided to expand in a new direction. We are now offering online marketing for offline businesses. Basically, we can make you findable on the internet. Mike & I have successfully completed courses to learn about this new (for us) field. We've partially completed  this ongoing process with this website, and what a difference it has made! Go see our new website which has a much more detailed explanation.  www.enableyoursuccess.com
Lee Picker