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Lee Picker & Associates, Inc. has been in the building and zoning permit expediting business for twenty-five years. We incorporated in 1997 with the addition of Mike Picker, our first partner. Our office is in Davie, Florida, conveniently located in the middle of the areas in which we do most of our business - Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County. We have also recently begun doing business in Martin County and Collier County. Between us we have thirty-eight years of experience in building and zoning permit processing and expediting.

We have never limited ourselves to any narrow area of permit processing. We expedite all types of commercial and residential projects from the site work to the Certificate of Occupancy. We also process separate mechanical, electrical, plumbing and hydraulic permits, generators, fences, windows, storm shutters, doors, parking lots, driveways, and swimming pools. Basically, if your project requires a permit, we have the experience to process it.

Another area of expediting we work in is the closing of unfinished, expired permits. The building departments in the counties and municipalities began clearing their records of unfinished and expired permits about ten years ago by forcing the current owners to re-open and finalize these permits. We have helped our clients close a number of these permits. We have the permits re-opened under the old contractors or supply new contractors to assume the old permits, and work with the owners and contractors and Building Code Compliance Departments to get the final inspections and close the permits.       

Our expertise is also available for Zoning variances, Platting, and Public Works permit expediting if any of these specialized areas of permitting arise during the course of the permitting process. 

We believe in communication. The only bad news is - "no news". The faster we discover a problem, the faster all of us can devise a solution. We monitor our projects, large or small, on a daily basis. If there is a change in the status of your project, you will be informed. We email approval information and disapproval comments to you, your company, and the architect/engineer as quickly as we have them. You will always be on top of your project and your architect and engineers will be able to work on comments while the project is receiving reviews from other departments. If a major problem arises, you will know immediately. We also meet with building plans examiners to resolve building permit issues.  If you have questions about any of the permit process, we are only a telephone call or an email away. This is how we expedite your building permits.